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© 2019
by Eros D'Antona

Short Films


A short film made by our -14 y/o film students, with the support of a small professional crew. Made as part of the National Plan for Cinema at School, sponsored by MIUR and MIBAC.

Azzurra is a victim of bullying and fighting by her schoolmates. Escaping from them, she hides in a storage room where she finds an old magic book as a weapon to defend herself.


The 14-year-old Viola is at the bus stop when suddenly a car comes to pick her up. On the phone, a mysterious character keeps her company throughout the journey but Viola seems very intimidated by this situation. Who's going to meet?


This short documentary is part of a project that represents a moment of the path taken by a small community towards the total integration of non-EU citizens of its territory. Although small and without important economic realities, the municipality has welcomed families and individuals from all over the world over time. Today Carosino can be called a multicolor country.

This project wants to testify the transition from integration to sharing / contamination.


Luca is taking his best friend for a ride to help him taking his mind off a sadly ended love story: they're going to have some fun with a prostitute. Their favourite one, Carmen, will bring them into an ancient place of worship, where she will satisfy their perversions. But things are getting worse when they find out they're not alone. And their only chance of salvation will be...

To pray!


At the beginning of the 1990's, Alex, a guy with problems of integrating himself in the society, lives his own life in his house watching movies and playing video games.

He's a big western movie lover and he travels in his fantasy world where he plays the role of a notorious gunfighter. His imagination is so complicated that Alex cannot distinguish fantasy from reality.